Private Couples Training

Grab a friend and work out in a friendly environment

Private Couples Training

As another unique option, Fitness Artist also offers semi-private training sessions.

Typically consisting of two clients and one professional Fitness Artist, semi-private training allows couples or friends to share in the workout experience, offering encouragement and motivation to one another while still receiving expert instruction from a personal trainer.

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45 min sessions

  • 24 sessions @ $29.75 / person = $714
  • 8 sessions @ $31.50 / person = $252
  • 1 sessions @ $35 / person

Try a Complimentary Session Today

We want you to experience the difference personal service and customization make in your workout regimen. That’s why we offer all prospective clients a complimentary one-on-one sculpting session with one of our professional Fitness Artists–no strings attached.