Nora Matthew

Body Sculptor

Nora first qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2010 while attending Providence College where she participated in D1 Track & Field.

There, she found a love for strength and conditioning. Nora has experience in various facets of the fitness industry including sport-specific strength and conditioning, Olympic lifting, and CrossFit. Nora lived in the UK for 3 years where she worked with clients to achieve strength, mobility, and healthy lifestyle goals. Nora started working with pregnant & postnatal women shortly after having her first baby in 2012. Upon returning to the US in 2014, she combined her two passions, family and fitness, and founded a strength training-based pregnancy fitness class called Pregna-Fit. Nora has an old-fashioned approach to getting fit and believes a positive attitude, healthy choices, and long term goals will lead to a happy life.

Nora’s credentials include: Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM), Pre & Postnatal Exercise Prescription (Lifetime Fitness), Weight Lifting Level 1 Assistant Club Coach (British Weight Lifting), Pre & Postnatal Pilates (Center for Women’s Fitness)





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