Zack Feeney

Body Sculptor

Zack's mission is to combine physiology and psychology; to aid clients in improving performance and body composition, but also improve the quality of their entire life.

His philosophy is to simplify both nutrition and training for clients. He strives to find the unique motivations and goals for each client and adjust accordingly whether it be strength and muscle gain, or fat loss over the long term. He additionally helps to improve the stress levels of each of his clients along the way.

He's trained a wide variety of populations over the years, specializing in strength training, nutrition, mobility and flexibility. He continues to soak up and research everything that goes into proper training and nutrition.

Zack is a competitive strongman, powerlifter, and bodybuilder. In his free time he enjoys "decompressing" and being very lax. His goal is always to be the best, but not take himself too seriously in the process.





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