Work Force Strong Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: What is Work Force Strong?
Work Force Strong is a customizable corporate wellness program. We build a wellness regimen based on the company’s needs and work with employees on their health such as mobility and nutrition. Benefits of our programs are: less work related injuries, more effective employees who produce more, reduction in sick and personal leave, team building/camaraderie, and higher office morale.

Q: Where do you train the employees?
We can train anywhere you’d like! This program is completely customizable. We can train employees on company grounds or we can set up a program at one of our two Fitness Artist locations in Loudonville and Clifton Park, NY.

Q: How many people can you train?
We can train any size group. Factors come in to play with the space we are working in. We need to make sure everyone is safe and not overcrowded. We find the program most effective when the groups are 10 people or less. If you have a large staff, we usually offer multiple classes to make sure everyone can participate or we can train in a large space if your company is equipped with such accommodations.

Q: How do you measure success?
We measure success on many levels. Not only do we consider the benefits the company sees in the employees and their feedback we can provide you with factual information. Some of the measurements we do with the employees is overall body composition, functional movement screenings, and VO2 Max measurements. We will provide you with metrics that are vital to the success of your organization.

Q: How do you keep management up to date on program success?
We like to update management often on the progress of the program and how each employee feels about the program. We want this to benefit you. Every six weeks we will provide you with an updated progress report including all employee metrics as well as percentages of increase in each area measured individually and overall. We also frequently reach out if we feel there’s additional benefits we can provide you with or if a certain employee is at the risk of injury.

Q: How do you create my program?
We will come in and meet with your organization so we can discuss the problems and goals of your company. Are you trying to cut down on sick days and medical costs? Then we would create a program tailored to those needs. Are you trying to prevent work related injuries because you have a lot of members getting hurt on the job? We would create a program tailored to preventing injuries and work on mobility to ensure that workers are not injuring their back, shoulders, etc. when lifting for example. The programs are tailored to help each individual successfully complete the physical responsibilities of their jobs.

Q: Is injury prevention important if in an office setting? No one is doing physical labor?
Most injuries occur in nob threatening areas on the job site. The 2016 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index states that $1.82 billion dollars was spent on repetitive motions involving micro-tasking. You don’t have to work in a dangerous environment to sustain injury. Think about the toll sitting at a desk all day takes on your back. Think about how the constant back pain makes you feel. If we eliminated that pain imagine what that would do to an individual’s health? They would feel better and take the energy of discomfort and shift it into work production.

Q: How often do you train my employees?
This is another customizable option. Most companies feel they see increase and rewards from the program when we work with them 2-3 days a week. The classes are also customizable from 30 to 60 minutes. Results are best when given 45-60 minutes.

Q: What is the cost?
We will be happy to work out costs with you once we create your program. Most companies feel their costs are recouped due to the value the employees get from the program and the reduction in costs from not having workers out of work due to illness or injury.

Q: Do you help with nutrition?
Yes, we do! We have a registered dietitian on staff that will provide nutritional presentations and handouts for your staff. We will guide employees on the do’s and do not’s and give them a general education on nutrition as well as meal options. We can customize the nutrition plans as much as you’d like. We can even create a meal plan for each employee based on their overall health and dietary restrictions.

Q: Can employees join in at any point?
Absolutely! We know some people are hesitant even when it’s for their benefit and at no cost. Once employees see the benefits and excitement from others they usually join in and want to experience it themselves. For a measurement standpoint, we like to start people at the same time from a statistical standpoint but we will monitor and make sure each employee if factored into the results properly.

Q: Do you do lunch and learns?
We do! Education and awareness are key to success. The more we can “beat your brain” with the benefits and guidance of a healthier life, the more we can create a fun and positive environment where employees are dedicated to change.

Q: If I need more convincing will you perform a presentation?
Yes. We want you to be on board with the program and know you’re going to obtain benefits from it. We want you to be comfortable with the plan you’re purchasing and even recommend management try it! There’s nothing that gets employees more excited than when management jumps in on the action. This program benefits everyone.

Q: How far are you willing to travel?
We have two locations: Loudonville and Clifton Park, NY. We have a pretty wide radius when it comes to distance and are willing to travel to most places. If you are outside of the capital district let us know your location and we will let you know if there are additional travel charges.

Q: Are you fully insured?
We are! We believe in safety first for all parties involved.

Q: What are the qualifications of the staff you provide us with?
Trainers are paired up with corporations based on the corporations needs and goals. We have a talented team of trainers to choose from and will find the best fit for you. We have a wide range of certifications and expertise among our team. To find out more about their certification, please check out our Fitness Artist Team page at

Q: Does the program cut into work time?
Your call. We understand sometimes cutting into the work day isn’t viable. We can work with staff before and after work hours. Sometimes allowing employees to do the program during work hours regenerates them and causes more productivity than you would have received from them had they not taken time out of their workday to do the program. Scheduling the program in small groups helps cut down on feeling employee absence throughout the day.

Whether your an employee looking for ways to get your company more involved, or an employer looking to improve the health of your staff, Work Force Strong can show you how to achieve the results you desire.

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