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A seasoned athlete, elite ski racing coach, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). He is a graduate of UAlbany who's taken his lifelong passion for sports and refined it into a career where he motivates athletes to elevate their performance while navigating his own ski racing journey. Tre possesses a rich understanding of the physical and mental demands intrinsic to sports, offering unparalleled insights into the blueprint of a top-tier athlete.

Tre's expertise goes beyond the ski slopes; it's shaped and colored by personal challenges and triumphs. After enduring and overcoming three knee surgeries, he stands on the other side armed with not only resilience but also a profound understanding of effective strategies for recovery and peak performance. This knowledge, born from personal experience, forms a key component of the strategies he employs with his clients.

Tre's coaching philosophy is holistic, emphasizing strength training, injury prevention, and mindset development. He is dedicated to empowering both athletes and the general population with the necessary tools to unlock their full potential, and avoid the setbacks he encountered during his own recovery. Through carefully tailored training programs and personalized attention, Tre encourages athletes to transcend their perceived limitations and discover their untapped capabilities.

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