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Krisinda: Creative Trainer & Strength Builder

Get ready to be challenged by Krisinda, an innovative personal trainer who loves focusing on strength, cardio, and core work. With her passion for crafting unique workouts and building friendships with her clients, Krisinda will guide you on a rewarding journey of personal growth and physical transformation.

Favorite thing about the job: "I love seeing clients progress and build strength. I also enjoy coming up with new, creative workouts for clients to try."

Tip for starting a new fitness goal: "Trust the process; sometimes it takes time. Also, building muscle mass is sexy; you won't look bulky."

Client expectations: "My clients should expect to build a friendship with me. I love watching my clients grow and seeing physical changes, but I also love getting to know them and sharing laughs."

For fun: "For fun, I like to pamper myself, shop, come up with new workout routines, and spend quality time with my boys."

Little-known fact: "I am a vegetarian but I absolutely hate mushrooms."

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