Adrian Moya Salguero

Fitness Professional

Adrian is a motivated and hardworking trainer with a penchant for empathy. He understands the value of putting himself in the shoes of his clients and structuring programs around their unique needs. Growing up in Malaga, Spain, Adrian lived in an environment that was conducive to an active lifestyle. Malaga, for those who don’t know, is a city that sports more than 320 sunny days per year. Adrian remembers fondly that most of his days were spent in outdoors, playing sports, as well as having fun and socializing.

His college education and training have encompassed Physical Education at the University of Malaga, Spain. In addition, Adrian studied Sports Science at Pablo de Olavide University, Spain and obtained an MBA in sports management at the Sports Institute of Barcelona. And it is through the expertise and experience gained at each of these institutions that Adrian has aspirations to educate, train, and help clients see the potential of what they can biomechanically achieve. Fitness Artist is the robust platform to make this possible.

He states that Fitness Artist is a place that matches his philosophy of training, where trainers are seen as vehicles for the wellbeing of the client. And he fits very well with the team and a wide range of clients. His emphasis is always placed on what the client wants and their unique strengths and weaknesses. He is inspired by those who reach their goals through patient and positive means, and it is his goal to change people’s lives by obtaining a healthy overall lifestyle. Adrian also advocates an enjoyable fitness journey. He doesn’t want clients to rush. Instead, enjoying every small step is the key to a sustainable journey towards wellbeing.

Some additional skills and certifications for Adrian include: he is NASM certified, he was a soccer coach in Europe and currently coaches in the United States, and lastly, in addition to his other degrees, he earned a MS in Strength and Conditioning and Injury Prevention. All the more reason to reach out to Adrian and achieve the level of fitness you have always dreamed of.



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