Ashley Buonviaggio

Human Performance Professional

A native of New York, Ashley has loved fitness and the outdoors for many years now. Having that drive and compulsion to stay active, and deriving as much enjoyment as she had her whole life, Ashley saw her evolution into a personal trainer as the logical next step to take. And to this day, despite devoting the majority of her time to personal training, she still finds time to hike, play water sports, and busy herself with another one of her passions: photography.

She has a relaxed, easy-going personality and loves to joke around, but she is equal parts serious about learning; she wants to be the best version of herself that she can manage. To her, one of her biggest motivators is her desire to learn widely and deeply. Not satisfied with solely being an average trainer, Ashley is hoping to bring new insight to different training modalities within Fitness Artist. She is also intelligent enough to use the word “modality” in a sentence without sounding inauthentic. She studied Communications and Media Arts in college in addition to being a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. She is also highly skilled in mobility, corrective exercises, and rehabilitation work. Obviously, you are in very capable hands with Ashley.

As an aside to her impressive qualities, Ashley has worked with a variety of clients during her experience as a personal trainer. She doesn’t care about the age, level of experience or personality type; the most important thing to Ashley is that she has the chance to help anyone better themselves physically as well as mentally. And her advice to anyone who may be starting out is to focus on taking baby steps, on making small changes, to build the necessary habits for guaranteed success. If you have any questions or are on the fence about starting your fitness journey, consider dropping in and meeting Ashley; she will take it from there. Also, since you took the time to read this bio in the first place, you are already well on your way to reaching fulfillment through fitness. Let Ashley or any of the Fitness Artist team help you reach your goals.



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