Gabby Hogan

Human Performance Specialist

Gabrielle is a native of Upstate New York, so you know she’s a shining representation of just how amazing and upstanding the Upstate community can be. Her personality is bubbly, energetic, and generous. In short, expect to get Gabrielle’s undivided attention and warmth while working with her; she really is something else. But honestly, would you expect anything else from a Fitness Artist professional? Not a chance!

She went to school for Fitness & Wellness Leadership, and she demonstrates on a daily basis the importance of confidence and health. And those qualities are without a doubt some of the most important characteristics of wellness that she imparts on our clients.

Gabrielle works well with all people, but she is most used to working with women. She has a considerable amount of talent in reading body language and helping alleviate any nerves or anxiety that one might encounter at a fitness facility, so for an especially worry-free interaction, she’s got your back. In addition, she is qualified in Yoga, mobility and flexibility training, and holds the expertise and experience to successfully guide her clients on their respective fitness journeys.

When it comes to people who inspire her, both Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Audrey Hepburn come to mind. They are both embodiments of generosity and positivity, and of course, Dwayne is about as ripped as you can get. Pretty obvious picks!

Last but not least, Gabrielle wants to change lives. Plain and simple, she is motivated by people who want to better themselves and who have the patience to see their goals through. She will help anyone who is willing to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Reach out to her today.


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