Jared Mousseau

Training Director

If anyone deserves to be called a Fitness Artist, it's Jared Mousseau. In fact, he even studied art in college. He also majored in psychology before he realized that personal training was what he truly loved to do. And much like his diverse academic background and range of interests, Jared is an effective trainer for all of types of people. If you are shy, extroverted, skeptical, young, old, skilled or a newcomer, he doesn’t mind. Jared can provide the same quality of service across the board. He is outgoing, but not overwhelming; perceptive, but not an over-analyzer. In short, you are in good hands with Jared.

Like most (if not all) of our Fitness Artists, Jared had a passion for athletic activities growing up. He played basketball, hockey, soccer, and golf. This firm foundation in fitness would ultimately translate into a career helping athletes, post-physical therapy clients, and group metabolic enthusiasts.

Jared’s fitness forte is in the following areas: strength and conditioning, injury prevention, core development, circuit training, and internal motivation. Being NASM certified, his emphasis is to make sure clients can perform throughout the day without injury or a reduction in the quality of their life, and to continually grow and feel as physically optimal as possible.

Jared wants to see you still thriving, even in retirement or old age. For when asked who inspired him the most, Jared responded that it was without a doubt those in life who still find the energy, motivation, and discipline to stay active well into their later years and prove that it's never too late to start feeling better.

His words of advice for anyone starting out is to find something that works and stick to it. If you don't see changes in a few months, try something new and stick to that. Consistency is key. If you plant a self-limiting seed in your mind that blooms into unhealthy comparisons of where you should be, instead of where your strengths lie, your motivation will probably fail you. Jared understands just how difficult it is to find a balance between challenging yourself and not overdoing it; he can help you fine tune your workout routines to see the best results.








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