Jonah Bayliss

Human Performance Professional

Jonah’s personal fitness journey started at the age of 14 and is based on the principle that the key to sustainability is in enjoyment. His light and laid back personality, combined with his extensive knowledge base of exercise physiology make your workouts fun and massively efficient. Jonah makes his way to Fitness Artist by way of a decade long career as a professional athlete. As a former Major League pitcher, maintaining optimal joint and muscle health was a number one priority to ensure his ability to perform at his best day in and day out. He may have traded his baseball cleats for training shoes, but has taken his cornerstone belief that everything starts with feeling good. Jonah has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Exercise Physiology and Human Movement; as well as a double minor in Psychology and Sport Coaching. Since his chapter as a professional athlete has closed, his shift into personal training has been, both, seamless and natural. Now he can share the decades worth of human performance optimization strategies that have helped him achieve the pinnacle of his sport with all of those wishing for the same thing… to feel great! The game of life happens every day, and the better we feel, the better we play!




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