Kayla Radliff

Fitness Professional

If you are looking for a smart, energetic, and personable trainer to keep you motivated and excited to train your heart out, look no further than one of Fitness Artist’s finest exemplars, Kayla Radliff.

Ever since the day she was introduced to the world of strength training and functional fitness, Kayla has been enthralled by the discipline. Instead of just training though, she delved deeper into the physiological and scientific facets of the subject. From then on, she decided she wanted much more than a cursory understanding; she enrolled in college and centered her studies on Fitness Development at SUNY Cortland. This decision, along with the fact that she has always had a strong desire to help others, propelled her through college with the prized knowledge she needed to achieve her dreams as a personal trainer. This would just be the start though.

Kayla would go on to get her certification in Functional Movement Systems; she became a certified functional strength coach with a Bachelor’s in Fitness Development; Kayla also became CPR/AED certified and a specialist in corrective exercise. Using her expertise, Kayla structures programs with a focus on strength, mobility, cardiovascular fitness, and injury prevention. She understands that not everyone is at the same level of fitness and that all programs needed to be adapted to the individual they seek to serve, so she works very closely with clients and creates programs that are personally-tailored for individuals.

In short, Kayla cares. Her ability to connect and adapt to any single client and her desire to make every session an awesome experience sets her apart from your typical personal trainer. Knowing full well the pitfalls of working at larger commercial gyms, and just how impersonal those large spaces can feel for trainers and their clients, Kayla was more than happy to start working at Fitness Artist. In this environment, she has felt much more comfortable and available for whoever is looking to transform themselves inside and out.

Currently, Kayla is also a passionate supporter and contributor to Work Force Strong, a Human Performance Training Program, that Fitness Artist founder, Travis Gil spearheads. In her free time, Kayla also likes to play golf and tennis; and she absolutely loves spending time with her family and friends when she isn’t being motivated by her clients and coworkers at Fitness Artist.







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