Kristen Gil

President/Nutrition Director

Kristen is the captain of the Fitness Artist ship, plain and simple. She is owner and president, as well as the Head of the Nutrition department. In addition to maintaining the most important position at Fitness Artist, she is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN); Kristen also holds a Master of Science in Applied Nutrition. Last but not least, she volunteers at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and has done so for the last 22 years. Now, at this point, it would be obvious to say that Kristen is one impressive woman. But that’s not even half of the whole story.

Anyone who knows Kristen can safely agree that she transcends the mere mentions of title, experience, expertise, and degrees obtained. While those are important things and the pursuit of them can be some of the most enriching endeavors in one’s life, what Kristen shows continually, day after day, is her drive and determination to apply her knowledge to help others. Most of us don’t have the capacity or the tenacity to continue serving the community as tirelessly. We look through job listings with dollar signs in our eyes or we opt for the path of least resistance. Not Kristen, she is different.

Instead of living a self-serving life, Kristen has taken her passion and molded it into a platform for doing very challenging but important work. What the fitness and nutrition world mean to her is much more than just a 9-5 job. She doesn’t hope for a swift retirement. For her, time is precious--for her, more time means she can work harder towards finding a cure for Type I diabetes. And it is through her direction and example that the Fitness Artist team flourishes and continually provides the best versions of themselves for their clients. This extends far beyond Fitness Artist though, to the other institutions and programs she devotes her time to.

Because she was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when she was just eight years old, Kristen has been working overtime to find a cure. Over 23 years, she has worked in close conjunction with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as well as those who are suffering from the medical condition. With the continual support of her family, as a team they have made a large impact in the community. She continues to stay active in the community both personally and professionally. Using the strength, she found deep within herself, eradicating the disease was the mission that inspired her to become a Registered Dietitian in the first place. Because Kristen knew just how important nutrition was for managing her own health and wellbeing; the next logical step was to take her expertise and to help others manage their health conditions as well.

Kristen began her dietary career at St. Peter's Hospital as a diet technician, has since worked st Schuyler ridge nursing and rehabilitation home as a dietitian and Shoprite supermarkets as a registered retail dietitian.

This has led to her current work as an extension of the Albany Medical Center where she functions as a Registered Dietitian (RD) specializing in pediatric subspecialties. Kristen's primary role is providing nutrition counseling and solutions for those who have endocrine, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, rheumatoid, nephrology, infectious diseases and many other serious conditions that she helps to ameliorate. She also provides help by educating parents and children as well as strategically structuring the diets of patients with the most optimized diets for their conditions. As a Registered Dietitian, Kristen has been able to help countless families over the last nine years with her firsthand knowledge.

During the time that she isn’t managing the daily operations of each Fitness Artist location, she is providing her husband Travis Gil support for the important work he does with Work Force Strong Human Performance Training: a program which was established for the purpose of educating private and public sector clients about preventing injuries, body awareness, mobility, stability, and proper movement mechanics for a more productive workforce. In addition to her busy life, she is a proud mother, a devoted wife, and a continual fighter for a cure for type I diabetes.


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