Lauren Miller

Human Performance Professional

Lauren Miller has both the brawn and the brains to make your experience at Fitness Artist extraordinary. She was born in central Minnesota and like the rest of the Fitness Artist team, Lauren has been active as an athlete from an early age.

From age 8 until high school she was a competitive swimmer and triathlete. Knowing she wanted to learn more about the body and its myriad of functions, Lauren chose to examine the source: the human brain. At the University of Minnesota she obtained a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and minored in art ← a true Fitness Artist!

When describing Lauren’s personality, she radiates compassion. And not only that, her ambition and drive for excellence can be infectious. So don’t expect a lackadaisical trainer who shows up unprepared and unwilling to put her best foot forward for you; Lauren is in it to help you achieve your full physical potential. And if you like to compete and strive for your exercise goals, Lauren’s definitely got your back!

She is ACSM certified and is a former Division I rower at the University of Minnesota. She currently coaches at the Saratoga Rowing Association and also trains full time with their elite rowing program, ARION. She has extensive knowledge in sports psychology, nutrition, strength training, and coaching. And through her time in the field, she has learned that discipline is the most important driving force for a successful fitness journey. She knows just how fleeting and unreliable motivation can be, so discipline is essential!

With all of that said, Lauren looks forward to working with you because she loves her job and appreciates the wisdom that her clients bring each day. She believes that there is something to learn from every individual we interact with on a daily basis. And because she has cultivated an almost unlimited amount of curiosity, she is just as eager to learn from you as she is to share her passion for fitness!


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