Mike Taylor

Human Performance Specialist

It is of no surprise that Mike has turned to a career in fitness, for he has loved the active lifestyle since he was young. He played soccer, ran track and field, and wrestled during his time at Ichabod Crane high school. And although almost everyone’s energy levels peak shortly after high school, Mike’s love for all things active only grew in intensity.

He found a love for coaching shortly after he graduated high school; but soon, he felt an overwhelming urge to learn much more about human physiology and exercise in general. So, while still an athlete and coach, he enrolled in the Exercise Science degree program at SUNY Fredonia and excelled. And during this stage of his intellectual, physical, and professional growth, Mike learned that balancing intensity with intelligence is the most important principle in his exercising outlook. And that’s the type of approach he brings with our personal training clients and overall programming modalities.

When asked to describe his training approach, Mike stresses the importance of leaving the gym feeling great instead of terrible. That with the proper functional movements and programming, the exerciser should feel empowered over worn-out. And in line with this training approach, he wants to remind those who are just starting out to be patient along the way. Celebrate the small victories, take your time and be safe, and also, be consistent with your training. And if you are just starting off, understand that Mike finds your desire to better yourself inspiring.

Mike has experience in a myriad of dynamics and settings: one-on-one, on a performative basis with athletes who are looking for improvements, and large group settings. He earned his B.S. in Exercise Science at SUNY Fredonia, and he has more than enough expertise and knowledge to transform your overall training. He is extremely approachable and open to listen, so expect to cultivate a very rewarding relationship with Mike as your personal trainer.


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