Tom Burritt

Fitness Professional

Tom Burritt has loved living an active life for as long as he can remember. If he wasn’t playing football, he was practicing karate. He was an avid weightlifter as well. Logically, being as entrenched as he was in the competitive realm of sports, Tom started competing professionally as a powerlifter. He did this for twelve years. And although he could still squat twice his weight in kilos, these days, Tom mostly likes to train our clients on how to keep in shape, prevent injury, and maintain a healthy body. He specifically loves to work with the elderly or those who are suffering from chronic diseases like Parkinson’s.

True, Tom has been an active guy his whole life, but he is also very qualified to train just about anyone, regardless of their age or experience level with fitness. Tom is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a Fitness Professional and is also a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS).

He is patient, empathetic, and extremely precise, so don’t expect to be rushed or ignored. He feels it a privilege to do what he loves and help people at the same time, so any time with clients is a legitimate blessing for Tom. And after searching far and wide for a better place to train others on their fitness journey, Fitness Artist was the ideal company. Having stayed with Fitness Artist for close to five years is a testament to just how much he enjoys every day he spends here. And even though he feels comfortable with all types of people, he most connects with the baby boomer population; and it is his joy to work closely with that demographic.

The most important factors for inspiration in Tom’s fitness journey is Eric Cressey, and in his personal life, his family. He also closely follows Stuart McGill, Mike Boyle, and Gray Cook for extra fitness tips and strategies in the always-changing industry. Lastly, Tom also served in the Navy for four years while working on aircraft carriers. For your fitness needs, book an appointment with Tom, you will not regret the decision one bit!






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