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Private Training

Customized for you

At Fitness Artist, you will never get a one-size-fits-all workout experience. We make personal training, well–personal. Weight loss, building strength, or endurance training–our experts will help you address your individual objectives in the comfort home during a 30 or 45-minute session.


Personal, Private, Professional

Fitness Artist has all of the needed tools to ensure your sculpting session is designed for your body and your specific goals.


If you are self-conscious, or simply want the privacy and focus of a certified fitness professional, then personal training at Fitness Artist is ideal for you. Contact us today to experience first-hand the Fitness Artist difference and set up your complimentary sculpting session!

* Complimentary equipment rental for all clients.


Contact us to learn more, and schedule your complimentary SCULPT session today!


SWEAT Virtual


What is it?

A 45-minute dynamic workout that emphasizes the importance of training intelligently over intensely. Don’t get us wrong. You will surely be pushed. However, instead of opting for a specific approach, we utilize a wide variety of exercises to help get you to your goal efficiently while also preventing muscle overuse and injury. Unlike trendy cardio classes that quickly fade for the next fitness fad, our system is time-tested and backed by science. At Fitness Artist, we know what it takes to build the Ultimate You. We have strategically incorporated Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power, and Endurance to evenly distribute workloads across your whole body. Plain and simple, SWEAT classes are designed to keep you active and feeling great, not clutching your muscles in physical agony because of a poorly designed program.


Our Training Philosophy

Healthiness is not the result of high-intensity training sessions multiple times a week. Fitness does not mean focusing on the same movements over and over again. Wellbeing shouldn’t come with regular aches and pains. With SWEAT we focus on what works and leave the gimmicks at the door.


Who Will be Training You?

Every SWEAT class will be led by one of our Fitness Professionals, all of whom have diverse educations, degrees, and ranges of experience. Simply put, they will help you burn fat, but they will never burn you out.


You will be in a group setting but leave feeling like you got one-on-one training from your class leader. Each class is programmed by the fitness professional coaching you, so every workout is unique. We are Fitness Artists and you will see why nothing about SWEAT is cookie cutter.

You will be hard-pressed to find a more varied and dynamic workout!

Want to try it out before committing to multiple sessions? Don't SWEAT it! Click here to sign up for a free trial.

*9am Monday, Wednesday and Friday live classes (recorded link provided to view at your convenience)

*9:30am Tuesday and Thursday live classes (recorded link provided to view at your convenience)

* Complimentary equipment rental for all clients.

Try a Complimentary Consultation Today

We want you to experience the difference personal service and customization make in your workout regimen. That’s why we offer all prospective clients a complimentary one-on-one consultation with one of our professional Fitness Artists–no strings attached.