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Jeanette: Passionate Trainer & Fitness Goal Achiever

Meet Jeanette, a versatile and dedicated personal trainer who is committed to helping you reach your strength and fitness goals. With a diverse background in strength & conditioning, corrective exercise, balance & stability training, TRX training, and fitness yoga, Jeanette designs customized fitness programs tailored to your needs. Get ready to master correct techniques and enjoy unwavering support and motivation with Jeanette by your side!

Favorite thing about the job: "I have a passion for helping people reach their strength and fitness goals. I enjoy providing guidance to improve general fitness, reduce pain and improve their athletic performance."

Tip for starting a new fitness goal: "Identify your goals and stay focused."

Client expectations: "Customized fitness programs, correct technique and lots of ongoing support and motivation!"

For fun: "Paddle boarding, tennis as well as traveling and spending time with my family."

Little-known fact: "At a young age, I was a Thai/hula dancer for local events and fundraisers."

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