“I have been working with Jared at Fitness Artist for personal training for about a month. It has been an awesome experience. I felt completely comfortable from day one. Jared takes the time to listen to your goals and he creates workouts to help you achieve them. He is very knowledgeable and makes sure that everything you do is correct. I recently went away for a week and he was more than willing to provide me with training I could do while on vacation with equipment that I had available to me. He makes the workouts fun and I have never had the same workout twice which keeps me motivated and interested. If you’re thinking about individual training I would definitely recommend Jared."

Tara W. 6/2/2021

I was drawn to Fitness Artist because of their focus on the unique needs of each client: private and individualized training sessions (no crowded workout floor), and the flexibility of no commitment to long-term memberships or one-size-fits-all packages. Jared is highly energetic and takes genuine interest in helping me reach my goals, pushes me to reach my full potential, and leaves me feeling motivated to continue working hard outside of each session.

Paul G. 6/4/2021