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Travis Gil: Co-Owner, Fitness Professional & Passionate Motivator

Meet Travis Gil, a highly skilled fitness professional and co-owner of Fitness Artist. He is passionate about instilling confidence, motivating clients, and helping them believe that they can achieve the impossible.

Travis's Favorite Aspects of His Job: "I enjoy instilling confidence, motivating, and building belief that you can achieve the impossible."

Tip for New Fitness Goals: "Don’t ever give up. Consistency will ultimately lead you to the results you’re seeking."

When working with Travis, expect a professional who is laser-focused on your needs, in an environment that sets you up for success. He is a positive, passionate, and genuine coach who believes in you and tells it like it is.

Fun Fact: Travis loves to learn new things, with a "white belt mentality." He also enjoys spending time with his two boys, wife, and dog.

Little-Known Fact: Travis is an avid lover of tech, primarily in Web 3 and digital assets.

Experience the difference of working with Travis, a dedicated professional who genuinely cares about helping you unlock your full potential and achieve your fitness goals.

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