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SHAPE Small Group Training


Share the Journey

Welcome to SHAPE Small Group Training, where two to four clients join forces under the guidance of one of our professional Fitness Artists. Designed to provide an intimate workout experience, these sessions are perfect for couples, friends, or family members looking to bond and share in their fitness journey.

Key Features:

  • Fun and Friendly Environment: SHAPE sessions foster a welcoming, non-intimidating atmosphere where motivation, encouragement, and camaraderie take center stage.

  • Personalized Instruction: Our dedicated trainers offer expert guidance tailored to each individual's needs, ensuring a safe, effective, and engaging workout experience.

  • Small Group Setting: With just two to four clients per session, you'll enjoy an intimate environment that promotes close connections and shared achievements.

  • Versatile Workouts: Experience a diverse range of training styles, catering to various fitness goals and preferences within your group.

  • Strengthened Bonds: Share milestones, support each other's progress, and create lasting memories as you transform together.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose from a range of convenient class times to accommodate your group's busy schedules.


Experience the power of togetherness with SHAPE Small Group Training. Sign up today and embark on a unique fitness journey that strengthens both bodies and bonds in the supportive atmosphere of Fitness Artist

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