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SHAPE Small Group Training

SHAPE Membership Highlights

  •  Utilize an array of specialized equipment from Kettlebells to Sleds.

  • Expert support and motivation from our fitness professionals.

  • A specialized, systemic and individualized approach to training customized to the entire group with modifications if needed.

  • Develop new habits and skill sets that are fun yet challenging.

  • Close-knit group which has its benefits from the camaraderie, motivation and moral support aspect.

How it works:

  • Initial complimentary consultation to determine goals and areas of focus.

  • Paired with the fitness professional who fits your desire, personality and goals.

  • You determine the time & days that are convenient for you.

  • The Small Group is either developed by you or you have the option of joining an existing group.

  • Each Training Session is 45 minutes in length. 

Pricing starts at $96 per person.

Payment plans available

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