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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the first session free? A: Absolutely! We offer a complimentary first session to showcase the incredible benefits of Fitness Artist. During this session, we'll provide a studio tour, discuss your goals and obstacles, and conduct a brief fitness assessment.

Q: How do you pair me with a fitness professional? A: We consider several factors, including your goals, preferences, fitness level, and personality, to match you with the ideal fitness professional.

Q: What if my fitness professional isn't a good fit? A: No worries! We have a diverse team of exceptional professionals ready to assist you. If you need a different fit, simply contact our Client Relations Specialist (, and we'll find the perfect fitness hero for you.

Q: Can I train with different fitness professionals? A: Definitely! We encourage clients to explore our team's diverse certifications and specializations to maximize the benefits of our unique training culture.

Q: How early should I arrive for my session or class? A: Please come at least 10 minutes early to reserve equipment, settle in, and get familiar with the workout. For your first SWEAT class, arriving 20 minutes early is recommended.

Q: Do you offer nutrition plans? A: Yes! Our Registered Dietitian creates customized nutrition plans tailored to your dietary needs and goals. Just fill out our Contact Us form for more information.

Q: Do you offer payment plans? A: Absolutely. Our priority is helping you achieve your fitness goals. For more details, speak with our Client Relations Specialist (

Q: Do you offer refunds? A: We do not offer refunds, as our training programs are discounted for client benefit. Packages remain valid for 1-4 months after purchase.

Q: What if I want to cancel my training? A: You may cancel for medical, relocation, or pregnancy reasons, as specified in our cancellation policy. Request a cancellation form and provide the necessary documentation to our Client Relations Specialist (

Q: What is your cancellation policy? A: For Sculpt and Shape Private Training, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. For SWEAT Group Class Training, we require a 4-hour cancellation notice. Late cancellation fees apply as detailed in the policy.

Q: In the event of inclement weather, will I still be charged? A: Your fitness professional will contact you the day before to discuss rescheduling options. We prioritize your health and safety.

Q: What if I'm late to my session? A: Our fitness professionals follow a strict schedule, so appointments start and end promptly. In rare cases, they may be able to extend your session if their schedule permits.

Q: Are SWEAT classes unlimited? A: Yes, we offer an Unlimited SWEAT Class Membership as well as class packages. Inquire through our Contact Us form.

Q: Do you offer child care? A: No, but well-behaved children may accompany you during Private or SWEAT classes, as long as they don't disrupt other members.

Q: Do you have beginner-friendly classes? A: We cater to all fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes, and offer modifications in all our classes.

Q: Can I train without instruction? A: All training at Fitness Artist is conducted by our fitness professionals to ensure your safety and proper guidance.

Q: How does Fitness Artist differ from a gym? A: We pride ourselves on our personalized approach, offering customized programs in private, semi-private, and group settings.

Q: What is your community involvement? A: We're committed to community improvement and actively participate in events, donations, and awareness campaigns. To suggest an organization for our support, contact us at

Q: Do you offer online or virtual training sessions? A: Yes, we do offer virtual training sessions. Our dedicated team of fitness professionals is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals, even when you can't make it to the studio. Our virtual sessions are designed to provide the same level of personalized attention and motivation as our in-person sessions. Get in touch with us, and we will match you with the perfect fitness professional for your goals and needs.

Q: What types of fitness programs do you offer? A: At Fitness Artist, we offer a diverse range of fitness programs to cater to your individual needs and goals. Our offerings include one-on-one personal training, private group sessions, and dynamic open group classes. Our fitness professionals specialize in weight loss, strength training, endurance, tailored nutrition plans, and injury prevention strategies. Whatever your goals are, we have the expertise to help you achieve them.

Q: Do you accommodate special populations, such as seniors, individuals with disabilities, or those recovering from injuries? A: Absolutely! Our experienced fitness professionals are trained to work with a variety of special populations, including seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those recovering from injuries. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of each client and create personalized training programs to accommodate their needs and abilities. Our focus is on providing a safe and supportive environment for every client, regardless of their fitness level or background.

Q: How do I track my progress? A: At Fitness Artist, we believe in measuring your progress to keep you motivated and accountable. Our fitness professionals will conduct regular assessments and track your achievements, both in terms of your physical progress and personal milestones. We will provide you with feedback and insights into your performance, helping you adjust your training program as needed to ensure you continue to make strides towards your goals.

Q: Are there any special offers or promotions for new clients? A: Yes, we always strive to provide the best value for our clients. For new clients, we offer a complimentary first session, during which you'll receive a tour of our facility, discuss your goals and obstacles, and undergo a brief assessment to determine your fitness foundation. This session will help you experience the unique benefits of Fitness Artist firsthand. Stay tuned for seasonal promotions and special offers by following us on social media.

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