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Palate 2.0 is a three-tiered program centered on providing you the very best in meal planning and nutrition programming. With it, you are guided by Kristen Gil, the President and Nutrition Director of Fitness Artist. Kristen is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN), so you know you are in the best possible hands for your meal planning and nutritional needs.



Perfect for individuals new to structured eating or who want to maintain their current health status.

This service includes:

  • Initial consultation and assessment.

  • Personalized nutrition plan based on your lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

  • Bi-weekly check-in to track progress and make necessary adjustments.

  • Email support for questions and clarifications.

  • 4 Week Plan


Essentials +

Ideal for those wanting to delve deeper into their nutritional needs, whether for weight loss, muscle gain, or specific health issues.

This tier includes everything in the Essentials Plan, plus:

  • Weekly check-ins for progress tracking and plan adjustments.

  • In-depth dietary analysis and understanding of micronutrient needs.

  • Detailed meal planning and recipe suggestions.

  • Lifestyle and behavioral recommendations to enhance success.

  • 12 Week Plan


 Premium Essentials 

Designed for those who desire the most comprehensive nutritional guidance, such as athletes or those with complex dietary needs.

This tier includes everything in the Essentials + Plan, including:

  • Continuous weekly consultations to ensure optimal progress.

  • Advanced strategies for peak performance, recovery, and overall health.

  • Comprehensive supplement guidance.

  • Access to Kristen for emergency nutrition-related questions or concerns.

  • Priority booking for consultations.

  • 24 Week Plan

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