Starting the week of 8/31, our expanded Group Training Schedule!  Offering something for everyone, these classes will cater to every fitness level.  View our class schedule and be sure to sign up for your favorites.

Welcome to Fitness Artist!

Founded by Travis Gil, our vision for fitness training is innovative, focusing on both the body and the mind. At Fitness Artist, we believe that self-improvement goes far beyond weight training, cardiovascular exercise and your typical gym workout.

What makes successful training is as much about your MIND control as it is about BODY control. When the two are balanced, the possibilities are endless, and as this balance grows, so does your quality of life.

Gil’s body and mind sculpting regimen was developed through years of study, research, and performance. Now, his Fitness Artist team in Saratoga Springs, Loudonville, and Clifton Park, NY brings their experience and expertise to clients at every stage of physical fitness. Not only will you receive weight training from a certified strength and conditioning specialist, but also instruction designed to optimize wellness for your body as well as your mind.

We are not just our bodies. With Fitness Artist, the benefits of personal training will sculpt you into the complete person you want to be.

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Meet Our Fitness Artists

Travis Gil
Travis GilFounder and Fitness Artist
Travis began training in high school, and has been involved with sports and training for years. As time moved forward, he decided to share his knowledge and passion of training… More >
Brendon Parks, COO
Brendon Parks, COOFitness Artist
Brendon has been physically active for over ten years and possesses a variety of skills to meet all your fitness needs… More >
Kelly Blanchard
Kelly BlanchardFitness Artist
Kelly primarily trains in our Saratoga Springs location. She has always had a passion for health and fitness and has been… More >

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